May 4, 2021 |

Buying A New Holland: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Advantage Ag is offering you the ultimate guide to Buying A New Holland in 2021.

This handy information source is meant for farmers and others customers that are serious about improving their equipment. If that sounds like you, then enjoy these real-world tips in this all-new guide.

Let us begin!

Part 1: New Holland Equipment Basics

In this part, Advantage Ag will examine why should you pick New Holland to serve your farming needs.

We will also highlight why New Holland is still an industry leader in 2021.

What is New Holland?

New Holland is a 126 year old agricultural machinery company. They currently manufacture tractors, balers, combine harvesters, seeding equipment, haying tools and various implements. Having changed ownership over the years, that Pennsylvania

Is New Holland a Good Tractor?

Good tractors are much needed in 2021. However, the Ag space is getting more competitive with farmers and related workers trying to find the best possible equipment.

Part 2: Who uses New Holland equipment?

What's your industry?

Your industry is going to determine your use of New Holland equipment. Farmers, ranchers and construction workers all have used New Holland equipment over the years. So, let's focus on each main group.


Farmers and other Ag Industry workers tend to be the biggest users of New Holland equipment. Depending on the size of their land, certain models tend to be favored. Each season provides different demands on farm line and horsepower has to match land scale.


Construction businesses love buying a New Holland tractor and other equipment. After all, who spends more time outside other than construction workers and farmers? New Holland helps construction efforts ranging from drainage to excavation and even some cases of demolition.

Specialized Ag (Ranchers, Orchard Owners and Agribusiness)

Agribusiness in all forms tends to use New Holland or related equipment. After all, what else can move hay bales and clear land fast enough for seasonal needs? Due to how agricultural related business changes around the world, their needs change just as does it for farmers. Whether it's hauling people across a farm or pumpkins...buying a New Holland supports all activities.

Part 3: What is the best New Holland model available?

The best New Holland model available is the New Holland that you feel comfortable with using. However, we do have a handful of recommendations from past buyers. So, take there word on feeling comfortable buying a New Holland.

New Holland Workmaster 35

The New Holland Workmaster 35 is a very popular model at Advantage Ag. It's the perfect tractor for landscaping, harvesting hay and cleaning up after farm animals. Plus, it comes with a nice open path to the seat. No more lifting and bending to get in and out of the Workmaster 35.

New Holland Workmaster 50

The New Holland Workmaster 50 is big enough to get the job done and small enough to be versatile. The rugged construction matched by the fuel-efficient common rail engine is enough for any mid-size tractor. It's not uncommon to see these units being used by municipalities and public ground crews.

New Holland TC33D

Advantage Ag also offers the New Holland TC33D. The TC33D can be used to mow, fertilize, plow, destroy weeds and take care of the litany of farm jobs. Plus, they hold up for a long time which means plenty of used units are on the market.

New Holland T6.155

New Holland T6.155 is a loader with Fender controls for the 3 point hitch & PTO. Plus, it offers up ideal usage for hay making, basic farm chores and livestock clean-up support. This unit gets high marks for its user friendly cab.

Part 4: What do others think about New Holland?

Popular Opinions on New Holland

New Holland has enjoyed great respect from farmers for decades. Whether they were owned by Ford, Fiat or CNH; customers followed them regardless. But, what inspired such loyalty?

Having been created by a Pennsylvania blacksmith in 1895, New Holland is one of the few brands that feels like it was made for rural folk. As the decades went on, that mentality for creating actual usage tools grew. They expanded into forage and hay making, but the intent was still there.

But, don't take our word for it. The company has been getting a lot of highmarks in recent years.

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Top ranked New Holland models

Part 5: Things to Consider Before Buying a New Holland

Where are you using your New Holland?

Not all land is created equal.

Small farms/plots - Tiny plots of land require a little more horsepower. If you buy a New Holland tractor around 20-25 HP, landscaping and clearing snow are some of the tasks you can achieve. You can also take clear of small food plots, clear land for livestock and take care of properly scaled gardens. The best New Holland equipment that falls into this range is the New Holland Workmaster 25.

Medium farms (no bigger than 50 acres) - A New Holland tractor around 30-40 HP gets a lot done. You can profit farm with the best enthusiasts. Everything can be done from making hay to clearing land.

Large farms (more than 50 to the Ponderosa Ranch from Bonanza) - You'll be surprised to hear this, but a compact tractor up to 40-60 HP can handle large farms. New Holland has several units that provide the power and versatility to get these jobs done.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Tractors need to be comfortable. After all, you're going to spend extended amounts of time in hot and cold weather on your tractor. New Holland gets high marks for its comfort. Its patented transmission systems ensure less jerky rides and more of a steady comfort.

Resale Value

New Holland tractors enjoy a long life. However, you might not feel like keeping it on your farm forever. Rest assured that when you're buying a New Holland, many are people are in the market as well. Due to the supply crunch caused by the Pandemic and sky-high demand, used New Holland equipment is selling almost as amazingly as the new models.

That means if you're looking to trade in an old New Holland unit or find a buyer, then you are in luck. New Hollands keep their resale value at a rate that has only increased in recent years. So, even if you're buying new, breathe easy. Someone always wants to pick up a new New Holland.

Part 6: New Holland Benefits

New Holland equipment can come with many benefits. Buying a New Holland might make you more aware of these benefits, but let's highlight them.

Hydraulic Power

Steering and maneuvering is benefited by New Holland hydraulic power. That extra push that comes from New Holland engineering has to be experienced. It's not just for the work accomplished, but for how you experience the New Holland equipment. After all, buying a New Holland requires buying into a better farming experience.

Attaching and Detaching Implements

The New Holland Quick-Mount system makes attaching and detaching implements into a simple task. There is no need for tools and you don't have to climb between the equipment to guide everything together. You just drive towards the attachment piece and lock it into place.

Check out the horsepower on those NH tractors

Horsepower comes in various HP levels for the New Holland tractor models. The newer equipment has specially cooled engines with cutting edge fuel injection systems. But, don't get too excited. Get the horsepower you need based on the terrain and acreage you need to maintain.

Part 7: People love New Holland

Farmers love New Holland Equipment

Farmers are a big fan of New Holland for a simple reason. New Holland Equipment is so reliable. Beyond that, there are powerful and feature cutting edge tech with real world applications. Due to how long a New Holland lasts, multiple generations get to experience the same models and share their knowledge.

Rural Construction Companies love New Holland Equipment

Construction companies in rural areas and otherwise put New Holland to good use. Whether it's locking into implement for drainage or ditch work or just clearing counts on New Holland.

There are scores of other industries that love New Holland, but let's not stay focused on the love fest.

New Holland TL 90

Part 8: Moving to New Holland from another brand

New Holland vs. Other Brands

Many people in the Ag field play brand favorites due to tradition. However, are you moving to New Holland because of brand recognition or overall quality?

Is New Holland or Kubota better?

Buying a New Holland will lead you to draw comparisons to other tractors. But, are there other brands that people prefer over New Holland? We all use and sample different tools for our work, but don't you have a particular favorite? Let's examine the Kubota equipment.

Kubota tractors have a little better engine power. So, things like hauling or plowing tends to get people to side with the Kubota. But, that style of powerful farm work isn't ideal for detailed work on the farm. Taking tight corners, making specific drainage options and cleaning up messes is still in the New Holland wheelhouse.

Is New Holland or Husqvarna better?

New Holland tractors tend to duke it out with Husqvarna in many regions. But, Husqvarna tends to have the same things come up in reviews. That equipment tends to rate just OK. Does that mean their equipment is bad or missing something in a Department? Not really.

What it means is that Husqvarna tends to get used as a general catch-all equipment piece. Most people that buy a New Holland have a specific purpose for it.

Is New Holland or Case IH better?

Case IH makes really strong front end loaders. It's not uncommon to see many Case IH loaders out in the fields making hay. But, that standard daily field work is where Case IH excel. While good, they don't pack the same functional versatility.

New Holland is more versatile, but also dependent on horsepower. So, you might find yourself scaling up in New Holland models to match the horsepower needs.

Is New Holland or John Deere better?

New Holland tractors have a ton of new fans when compared against John Deere equipment. While New Holland is favored in traditional farm work, the John Deere tends to get used more in heavy work focus.

John Deere is great for hay baling and mowing. Plus, it tends to run the gamut of accomplishing light farm work. It also leads to plowing and digging work more than the New Holland.

Part 9: After you buy New Holland equipment

Getting your New Holland equipment ready for your farm

When you first take your New Holland onto your property, think about what you need to achieve. If you've studied all of our previous tips, then you can feel more confident. But, what about those last minute surprises?

That's when you reach out to those are experienced in buying a New Holland. Contact us at Advantage Ag or reach out in the various social media spots to discuss your next Ag equipment. Nothing beats experience to learn what to expect when you're on the farm.