July 17, 2019 |

The Importance of Combine Service and Maintenance

Harvest is arguably the most important time of year for farmers. So, before you get out in the field you’ll need to make sure your combine is in proper working order. By performing some routine combine service and maintenance you’ll set give yourself a much better chance at a successful harvest.

Here are a few combine service tips to ensure you’re ready for harvest this season.

Clean Your Combine

This goes for any piece of ag equipment that hasn’t been used in a while. But it’s especially true for combines since they sit in storage for most of the year. Before using your combine, the first thing you need to do is give it a good cleaning.

A combine that hasn’t been cleaned properly is less efficient and might lead to lost crops. So, you’ll want to go over every component and remove debris. This includes the chaffer and sieve, shoe cavity, augers, and fan.

Inspect Your Combine for Wear

After you’re done cleaning, the next bit of combine service and maintenance you need to perform is a good inspection. With all the debris now cleared away, it will be easier to spot any trouble areas.

Inspect all the components of your combine for cracks, rust, and holes. Just one little crack can eventually lead to a massive failure, and a big repair bill, so you’ll want to catch these types of problems early. You’ll also want to check the tall crop dividers to ensure they aren’t wobbling, the augers to make sure they’re sharp and not bent, and the fan for any bends or breaks.

Finally, check your combine’s chains and belts to see if they are still in good working order. Give them a good once over to determine if they’re starting to wear and if the tension is still good, and replace parts as needed.

Check Your Combine’s Fluids

Like any piece of farm equipment, in order to work properly a combine needs to be properly lubricated.

Different combines will have different oil change intervals, but generally it’s a good idea to change your oil annually. So, before harvest is an excellent time to give your machine a fresh batch of oil. This includes both the engine oil and the hydraulic oil.

Next, make sure to grease all of your combine’s fittings. You owner’s manual should be able to tell you which components require greasing.

Calibrate Your Loss and Yield Monitors

Finally, make sure your combine’s loss and yield monitors are properly calibrated so they provide you with accurate data throughout the harvest. It’s a good idea to perform a check load before the season begins. You’ll also want to ensure your yield monitor and GPS system are backed up.

Get Combine Service at Advantage Ag & Equipment

If you’d like to make sure your combine is in perfect working order before harvest, make an appointment with our service department. Our trained technicians will give your ag equipment a thorough inspection to ensure it’s performing at peak efficiency.