March 2, 2021 |

What makes the Midwest good for farming?

As we get ready for another year of planting and harvesting, Advantage Ag asks you to look out at your field and wonder a thought. What makes the Midwest good for farming? Families for generation have farmed in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and beyond. But, why do they stay and keep farming into the present day?

What 10 reasons make the Midwest good for farming?

The Midwest is good for farming based on 10 great reasons. Are there more then 10 reasons? Possibly, but we found that everything great about Midwest farming relates back to these reasons.

  • Less weather extremes - As time marches on, we see natural disasters derailing seasons and putting farmers at risk. Texas is hammered by ice storms and severe flooding. California struggles with droughts and intense wildfires. That's not to say the Midwest isn't battling with tornados and heavy rainfall, it's just that likelihood of substantial impact are mitigated by the locale.
  • Immediate access to experienced farming resources - Farmers have been in the Midwest before most of the territory became states. So, a farmer trying to make a profit in 2021 has a wide history of experience to access. If you're growing soybeans and corn, why not grow it in the biggest market with the most experienced farmers sharing information?
  • Diversity of crops - You can grow so much in the Midwest. Farmers cultivate everything from alfalfa, apples, cabbage, carrots, cherries, grapes, oats, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, strawberries, watermelon and wheat.
  • The Corn Belt of the 21st Century - The American Midwest is considered the Corn Belt, but what does that look like in the 21st century? 75% of the 127 million acres of Midwest farm land thrive in corn and soybeans.
  • Water quality that is second to none - In many parts of the United States, water quality is becoming more of a concern. However, the Midwest features many natural water spots, plentiful water, limited opportunities for drought and an infrastructure to irrigate your crops.

Even more reasons to farm in the Midwest

  • Weeds and other Pests aren't a worry - Well, weeds and pests aren't as much of a problem. That's not to say that the Midwest has no pests. It's just that due to the varied temperatures and land, you're not likely to have a widespread pest infestation.
  • Farming is adaptable in the Midwest - No matter what happens in the Midwest, you're not facing the additional strains of farming elsewhere. Climate change has cost the other Americans farming sectors upwards of several million dollars. To the diverse range of the Midwest farming region, you can ride out warmer seasons to the South or plan cultivation around the harsh winters of the North.
  • Livestock are less stressed in the Midwest - Livestock have the same environmental exposure issues as other farm workers. It doesn't matter if it's a farmhand or old cow, nobody wants to produce when it's 2 degrees outside. With temperatures staying out of most extremes, your livestock exist in less harsh environments. Couple that with incredible access to feed, all livestock from cows to pigs are living on Easy Street.
  • The Midwest market is very supportive - The Midwest is synonymous with farming. While we've talked about the history of farming in the region, the modern age has taken it to a new level. Not only do you have online communities in the region providing advice and support, you have a network of financial, real estate and insurance professionals that are dedicated to your field.
  • In general, there is low risk to starting a farm in the Midwest - When compared to other parts of the country, the Midwest is the best place to start farming. You can grow most major products, the weather isn't that bad,

Getting Return on Your Farming Investment

The best way to make sure you get a return on your farming investment is by investing in your best practices. That means spending money on the equipment and materials you need rather than what you want. Often that takes the form of used equipment.

Smart farming is about supporting your business and saving money. Now, Advantage Ag is here to help achieve you achieve both goals. Connect with our sales support team today. Advantage Ag will give you the tools for a brighter farming future.

The Midwest Farming Tools available at Advantage Ag

Advantage Ag supports all of our Midwest farmers. Whether it's with our stellar used equipment or specific machinery, the future has never looked brighter.

Whether it's a Dirt Dog or Bush Hog, Advantage Ag knows which piece of equipment works the best for you based on your farm size, crops and needs. If that wasn't enough, we have special events and social network highlights. All of this under one roof for our Midwest farmer friends.

If you have anymore questions about farming in the Midwest or what you need to succeed, contact Advantage Ag today.